Thursday, September 22, 2005

I wanted to counteract extremism - and ended up condemned to prison

AS THE ADMINISTRATOR of the Christian website Bibeltemplet (Bible Temple), I wanted to counteract certain extremist's advocating of death penalty against homosexuals - and ended up being sentenced to prison myself.
That odd story has been developing on my website and in the court of the small town where I live in Sweden.

It all started a couple of years ago, when I started to partake in discussions on the Internet in different issues, among those homosexuality. As the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin, this was what I stood for in the debates. This gave me both friends and enemies. Some of the people who were hostile wanted to defame me and other Christians, by for example, refering to Leviticus 20:13, where homosexual acts were condemned to death. Parallels were drawn to nazis who are wellknown for wanting to kill homosexuals.
But according to the New Testament faith, the law of the Old Testament has been fullfilled by Jesus and its punishments shall therefore no longer be practised. Because of that, I pointed out in the debates that homosexuality certainly is a serious sin before God, but that it is grace that shall prevail, and that a person who confesses his sin, will be forgiven and liberated by God.

Now when there appeared a guest in the forum of my website, who did not seem to have catched this teaching on mercy in the NT, I saw an opportunity to enlighten this question from a living example. I wanted to do more than theorizing on the subject, I wanted to challenge a real "extremist" person, to show my homosexual critics (who I wished to be saved) that I didn't approve of death-wishes against homosexuals.
So the guest's messages were left in the forum, while I answered them from the NT and explained what I and all NT-believers would say - i.e. what Jesus said to the woman adulteress: "Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more" (John 8:11).

The only problem with this was that a website administrator in Sweden is legally responsible for all that is written on his website, including its forums and what people have written in them.

Subsequently, I was charged for letting the visitor share his opinion (about death-penalty for sodomy). And the local court then sentensed ME to PRISON, for 2 months!

Prison - for wanting to counteract an extreme opinion?

That's what justice looks like in Sweden nowadays. A person who dared to challenge extremism, was condemned for extremism. If anyone at all should be charged, shouldn't it be the person who suggested the death penalty, instead of the one who opposed it?

"There is something rotten", in the state of Sweden today.

(I should add that my case is apellated to a higher court, and is to be handled after the new trial of Åke Green in November this year. His case will be a pointer for the court who is going to judge over me. If Åke Green is freed, there is a small chance they will free me to. I don't count on it, as my case is lesser known and therefore a lesser embarrassment for the Swedish government outside of Sweden.

If you would like to pray for my case, I would be greatful. Not so much for my own sake, but for the situation here in Sweden. With these new laws, I think this country is becoming an abomination in the eyes of Heaven. The people here is in danger.