Sunday, July 18, 2004

Police-razzia against Christian website

What is happening to Sweden?

WEDNESDAY JUNE 30, 2004, the day after the sentence against pentecostal preacher Åke Green, I was awakened early in the morning by heavy knocking on my front-door. Two civilian dressed policemen came in a car to fetch me, and two other came in a car to do a house search. While I was brought to the police station, without having eaten or anything, two of the policemen were to stay in my apartment to take my computer and two deskdraw boxes with floppy- and cd-rom disks, news paper clippings and handwritten notes. No one would tell me what it was about.

Later the interrogator told me I was charged for "agitation against minorities" ("hets mot folkgrupp"). The interrogation was taped and lasted for about 1,5 hour, and then they let me go. They kept the computer. It was to be sent to Gothenburg for examination by forensic technicians.
I explained to the interrogator that I need the computer for my living, and he promised to tell the procecutor so I would get it back as soon as possible.

Two weeks went by, and no computer showed up. According to what I was told then, it would take "time" before it could be examined. People were on holidays and so on.
Then I left a complaint to the local court, and after a meeting with a vice-procecutor some days later, the court confirmed that my computer is to be held by the procecutor during the investigation, and possibly, after the trial, it will be destroyed.

Never mind that I have lots of expensive equipment installed in the computer, and that I partly make my living with it - my writings against homophilia is such a "grave" crime here that they will allow my personal economy to be destroyed because of it.

IT IS A STRANGE FEELING to be exposed to this. Firstly you wonder what is happening to Sweden, and secondly why there aren't more Christians being dragged to the courts, now that it is illegal to tell the truth about sodomy. We should flood the police stations and courts with sermons, articles, witness accounts and preaching from the Scripture, so that they will see that it's not possible to scare the Christians in Sweden to silence. For what is the alternative to repentance and revival? Nothing else than the destruction of Sweden.