Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bible site "spreads hate against gays"

THE OWNER OF A CHRISTIAN WEBSITE is facing prosecution for inciting hatred against homosexuals. The site, Bibeltemplet, contains a section called ‘Sodomania’. Prosecutors in Gothenburg say that the site contains articles and comments that threaten gay people.

The website’s owner, Leif Liljeström, from Stenungsund near Gothenburg, is being prosecuted under the law on agitation against minority groups. This was extended in 2003 to cover threats or insults to homosexuals as a group. The law has proven controversial, pitting gay rights groups against Christians and others who say that freedom of speech is threatened.

Bibeltemplet – which means ‘the Bible temple’ - describes itself as a site with “information and conversations on the Bible, society and so-called homosexuality.”

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